• 1 IG STORY on @TheBrowGuru & @PrimeBoudoir

1 IG STORY on @TheBrowGuru & @PrimeBoudoir

1 Instagram Story AD posted on @TheBrowGuru & @PrimeBoudoir

For a total of  51.7 K Followers

Story will last for 24 HOURS


1 Instagram AD posted on both  @TheBrowGuru & @PrimeBoudoir

Story will last for 24 HOURS

ADs must :

  • Stories must be 1080 x 1920 px

  • Within our color scheme (whites,blush,pinks,gold)

  • Contain NO foul language

  • Contain NO nudity

Design services are offered for a separate fee.
For ADs offering similar services to Prime Boudoir & The Brow Guru, they must be located a minimum of 50 miles from either the Granada Hills or Whittier locations.

Prime Boudoir reserves the right to refuse service 
  • $100.00